Thursday, September 15, 2011

Carrying A Firearm: Against or All For?

A little something I put together after I received my Concealed Carry Permit. I am a firm believer, especially now that my little Gabriella is here, that it is a must to be prepared for any situation. I can only pray that I never have to be involved in a situation where presenting a firearm becomes necessary, but if that day comes, I will be 100% ready to protect my family. I hope you don't judge me for my beliefs because I certainly don't judge people on what they believe in. I am also very far from "that guy" who thinks everyone is out to get him or harm his family, I simply like to consider myself "ready".

Bad Decisions

Stephen Epton

Quit that, stop it, don't move, drop it
I ask of you nicely, I don't want to get violent

Enemies, strangers, dangers, fear
I won't hesitate to react if my family you come near

My family is priceless, you mean nothing to me
You don't want to turn this into something, you should definitely agree

Go ahead and jump, I double dog dare you
No chance for you to scream so that someone can hear you

Decisions are made, each and everyday
I carry a Glock, you carry a blade

Glock 19, pull trigger go boom
Like a deafening explosion, in a tiny room

That shot you heard, that one was your maker
Go on and meet him, hes accepting all takers

Your poor decision, has led to your last
All that precious life, gone and passed

I didn't want to do it, my heart too big
But you left me no choice, now your grave they dig

Put my family in danger, your life you risk
I had no options, you asked for this

An uncle, a son, a cousin a dad
Maybe all the above, oh so sad

It was our lives or yours, it happened so quick
Now the minds cluttered, thoughts so thick

Why did you choose us, we were doing fine
Minding our business, but you wanted what was mine

But you can't have it, I guarantee that
So a statistic you become, just another fact

We, as citizens, have the right to bear arms. Some people may feel that its outrageous or insane to carry a firearm into a public environment. But what happens when you are presented with a situation that involves your loved ones and their safety? Are you going to be ready? Will you do like the movies and hit the “bad guy” with your purse or handbag? Maybe so, but after you make him more angry with silly self defense, there is no telling what he may be prepared to do to you and your family. I'm not saying that you should stock up on ammo and have firearms all over your home, getting ready for the end of the world to come. I'm simply saying that you should take the time to get proper training, and exercise your rights as a citizen of the United Sates of America to properly protect what is most valuable to you in your life, your family. The world has unfortunately seemed to worsen since I was a little guy. It seems like every time the news is on, some one is getting robbed in broad daylight, some soccer dad is robbing a bank, a home invasion is taking place or someone is getting murdered. Precaution is a must in today's society. Not precaution as in assault rifles and bulletproof vests. Precaution as in taking in account your surroundings, thinking ahead of time when going somewhere as far as the time of day and if your by yourself or not. I think having a child of my own has definitely put things into perspective. Quick story, I went down to Ocean Blvd to be with my wife on the day of her 9/11 tribute run. It was me and my daughter, who is only 9 months old. I was approached by a homeless man, who admitted to having a drug habit. He "stepped over the line" in my book when he made a comment regarding my daughter. "I could pick her up and kiss her all over". Long story short, he left w/o any situation arising. I also left a few hours later, alone with the baby to walk back to the car, which was 4 or 5 blocks away. Just what if, this man had approached me with the intent to do harm as I am walking back to my car. If he were to get the best of me, then my innocent daughter is left alone w/ this vagrant to do whatever he feels  up to. But! I have a concealed weapons permit, which allows me to carry a firearm on my person. So the situation is now a complete 180 degrees if I have means of protecting myself and my daughter. The law states that if you are in a situation where another individual approaches you with intent to cause great bodily harm, you have every right to protect yourself by any means necessary!
Bottom line, my family will not become a statistic!

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