Thursday, September 15, 2011

How bout some relief?

Could someone please phone Jesus and ask him where the cooler weather is? I don't think I have ever been more ready for cooler weather in my entire life. The humidity, the sweat, the miserable rounds of golf. I just want it to go away! It seems like Myrtle Beach has been experiencing two seasons over the last few years. 1. Real damn hot! 2. Real damn cold! Its not like when I lived in Greenville and that beautiful season they refer to as Fall rolls around, and it just makes everything you do that much more pleasant. The leaves turn pretty colors, the air smells crisp. Nope, not here. One day its 105 with the heat index and the next morning you wake up there is frost on the windows. I've never really had the pleasure of dealing with snow, but I swear, every year right around July, I tell myself and others around me that I want to move to the town they filmed Groundhog Day in. A little town where you walk everywhere and that gets covered in blankets of snow. Then it will snow a little here around December or January and I will never want to see snow again. I guess its all just one mean bitch of a cycle. Well, if anyone gets in touch with Jesus about the cooler weather, tell him I love him and if he wants to throw a little luck in the form of a winning scratch off ticket or something, I wouldn't be mad at that at all!

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