Friday, September 16, 2011

Biggie Smalls - Lyrical Genius

Just a small list of some of the greatest MC of all time's notable lyrics :

"I was a terror since the public school era/ Bathroom passes, cutting classes, squeezing a--es"
--'Party & Bulls---'

"Your moms will set that a-- up/ Properly gassed up/ Hoodied and masked up/ For that fast buck/ She'll be laying in the kitchen to light that a-- up"
--'Ten Crack Commandments'

"N----s wanna creep gotta watch my back/ Think the Cognac and Indo sack make me slack"
--'Who Shot Ya'

"Because the streets is a short stop/ Either you're slingin' crack rock or you got a wicked jumpshot"
--'Things Done Changed'

"Money and blood don't mix like 2 d---s with no chick/ Find yourself in serious s---"
--'Ten Crack Commandments'

"Tote steel like Bronson, vigilante/ You wanna get on son, you need to ask me"
--'Kick In the Door'

"I made the change from a common thief/ To up close and personal with Robin Leach"

"Also known as the bon appetit/ Rappers can't sleep need sleepin'/ Big keep creepin'/ Bullets heat seekin'/ Casualties need treatin'/ Dumb rappers need teachin'"

"Laugh now cry later, I rhyme greater/ Than the average playa hater, and spectators/ Buy my CD twice, they see me in the streets, They be like, 'Yo, he nice'/ But that's on the low doe"
--'Long Kiss Goodnight

Every time I turn the radio on these days, this garbage that they refer to as music reminds me of how much I truly miss the greatest MC to ever grace this planet. There are still a few greats left (Em, Jay-Z, Nas), just unfortunately surrounded by a bunch of clowns (Lil Wayne, Drake, Waka Flocka, good lord I could go on for days with the "shit list"). Positive of all this stupidity produced today is that no matter what, Earphones + Macbook + Youtube = endless playlist of the classics!

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